Never Stop Evolving.

Philosophy was born from pursuit.

Contradiction and Conflict.
Little by little, we proceed only if we overcome every obstacle and learn from experience.

The end of the goal becomes the starting line for a new one.

Connecting the dots and turning aspirations into reality.

Continue pursuing innovation.

Technique, temperature, quantity, experience: Aiming for breaking into a brand-new horizon.

Beauty lies in the details.

Japanese unique traditions and spirits renew and enrich our daily learning and inspiration.

Throughout time - the present, past, and future –

You may find yourself lost in the vast expanse of time and space.
Let’s begin our journey from Gyoten today.

Surprise and impression.

Thrilled and heart-pounding, the gourmet moments never cease.
Treasuring the unrepeatable moment that only belongs to our special guests on the day.

Sushi represents the very moment, a moment honed to perfection.

Meticulously polishing the beauty of the sensitive heart that has been passed down for generations through craftsmanship.

Fukuoka is the treasury of top-grade fish from all over Japan.

The best of the best freshly caught fish are delivered to Fukuoka every day, because Gyoten is here.

Explore Another World
with Kenji Gyoten.

A realm pursued by Kenji Gyoten meets the essence of BVLGARI,
encapsulated in the name “Hōseki” – the Japanese word for jewels,
and unveils an entirely new universe of epicurean delights.

Curator Kenji Gyoten

ChefTakuro Shimizu